“Dear Carel

Background:Salesman Brooklyn Security

A few months ago I purchased an intercom system at your shop in Brooklyn and over December (during extreme weather conditions the speaker failed to work. I brought it back to your shop and could not locate the acash slip as proof the instrument was still under warranty.

Jacques and Wikus assisted me and said they will send it to the supplier in the interim. When I explained to them that I bought it as part of security for an elderly couple, they went out of their way to expedite the repair so that it could be returned as soon as possible.

I contacted them to say that I cannot find the cash slip and they said they already tracked my purchase and that I do not have to provide the evidence.

When I brought the instrument back, a small cable remained behind at the residence where it was installed and Wikus even arranged that the supplier provide a replacement cable in case the original one was lost.

Objective of this mail:

To be honest – I have not experienced this level of effective customer service in my life and I tell everyone about you excellent service and the wonderful experience I had.

I think it is a matter of choice. Sales personnel can choose whether they want to help or make it difficult and these 2 employees really do their best to help. UNBELIEVABLE!

After all of this, I bought another camera and cabling and I did not even bother to check prices at other shops.

You have me as your customer for as long as the shop is there and the service remains consistent.

Thank you to Jacques and Wikus for their honesty, helpfulness, knowledgeable advice and general positive attitude.


Jacques and Wikus